All that power in her hands - magic from the Vesten's mightest ancestors - and Yngvild couldn't even see the traitor beneath her nose. - Admiral Valoix (Rune Knowledge)

Betray Yngvild Olafssdottir. (Jorund Guttormson)

With Jorund's betrayal, the Vendel thought they had Yngvild cornered. They thought wrong. (The Few, the Proud...)

Beware the path you tread, Olafssdottir. (Yr Hagin Bronsson)

Yngvild saved me from the brink of despair. If she wants my magic, it's hers to take. (Gris Hallisdottir)

Shall I show you Valhalla, Yngvild? Shall I show you the torments that await? (Iken of Venderheim)

Yngvild Olafsdottir

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