Xarz'ycus is a prince from Daemonhelm, the first of many demon dimensions. He can control the crossroads connecting many of the most fearsome dimensions and his control of these portals is so great he has earned the title of Prince of Gates. Xarz'ycus' very presence in an area can cause spontaneous mutations in those around him, but his opponents may find it better to succumb to mutation than to survive to fight the horrors that the Prince can unleash.

He has traveled to the Splinterworlds and many other demon dimensions so fierce, few even know of their existence. He craves the pleasure of destroying others and the Ophidian arenas provide a perfect outlet devoid of consequences, however, the Prince may have another more serious agenda of which only he knows.

Xarz'ycus has made it his mission to spread death and destruction wherever he can, and no place provides more pleasure than the Ophidian arenas. After a falling out with the demon Arkzilipul, he has assembled a team to be reckoned with. But will his team members - Mannequin, Pago, and PK - accept his goals?

These are no ordinary demonic fiends. They are the hellhounds of Lord Xarz'ycus, Prince of Gates. (Lockjaw)

None tread through my dimensions without my word.

Loyal spawn, rise and serve me! --Xarz'ycus, Prince of Gates (Royal Guard)

Prince of Gates (exp)

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