A vorrac is a boar-like beast native to the plane of Mirrodin. It has huge, curving, coppery tusks, and can often be found flattening the undergrowth of the Tangle. The most common variety is the Copperhoof Vorrac.

The elves of the Tangle have a saying: "Vorracs are half boar, half appetite." The beasts' digestion is stimulated by the presence of certain types of organic metal, such as tanglevine and gelfruits, and the renegade Viridians gather the vorracs' favorites before every ride. Riding vorracback while feeding their hunger is a dangerous stunt; the main skill is in holding on.

Their tusks can be forged into hand-held weapons, magically infused with the beast's unstoppable ferocity.

Like all forest beasts, it lives by one rule: if there's no room to grow, make some.

Fangren spur may sound louder, but Viridian resurgents claim that the horn of the vorrac creates a truer, more inspiring note.

Riding ravenous, ever-growing vorracs is almost as dangerous as fitting them with saddles.

Subtypes and Variants

Clockwork VorracMirrodin

Copperhoof Vorrac, Ferocious Charge