The Vor' Pa form one of the five Regencies of the Star Quest universe. The vor' pa consist of a number of subspecies which share common traits. Almost all vor'pa have four arms and two legs, with the two upper pairs of arms set close together.

The races of the vor' pa were bio-engineered at some point in the distant past from terrestrial animals. Many of them share physical features of normal animals. However, they have become their own species. It is unknown whether the different subraces of the vor'pa are cross-fertile, or if the vor' pa are genetically unstable.

The vor' pa have developed a fighting art known as E' Moc. The ranks of E' Moc mastery are Crimson Star, Scarlet Star, and Blood Star. Uba Dar' is a grand master of E' Moc.

The vor' pa troops are typically armed with photon scorch lances or photon flame guns and body armor. Their ships are typically armed with photon assault batteries.

The vor'pa regency is ruled by the Baq' Ti.

Subraces and Variants

Gore BruteStar Quest Universe
Serpens InvaderStar Quest Universe
Vor' Paq of the Dark GroveStar Quest Universe

Hydrus Stormers, Prey Slayers

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