More machine than man, Version 9 represents the final outcome of one of many experiments to create the perfect soldier. In his former life as a soldier, he had an admirable career, but he has regressed more and more with time towards his in-human nature. In the arena, Version 9 continues his life after being retired from service 50 years ago by providing a level of violence unheard of before his entry.

Version 9 takes no prisoner and shows no mercy to any who oppose him, including other Version 9’s. Once over 300 Version 9’s were contracted to Ophidian. Now there is only one. The longer he fights the less chance he has to regain any sense of humanity.

After a brutal beating at the hands of Arkzilipul, Version 9 was almost without repair as human parts had to be replaced with the most advanced Pol-tec technology, turning him into a cybernetic killing machine, and to reflect that change from that day on, Version 9 was no more, now he was Version 9.1.

Version 9's origin is Surge in the Justich System. Whether that is his original home, or where he was converted into a cyborg is unknown.

Let's see Version 9 try that again! (Defensive Anchor)

There were once 300 contracted Version 9's. This one retired them all.

There are 3136 ways to kill a human; it knows all of them.

"Version Nine. Do you ever worry about the amount of destruction you cause?" "No."

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Cybernetics

Arkzilipul vs. Version 9.1, Version 9.1, Version 9

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