Vampires are undead humanoids, frequently former humans. They have been transformed into vampires, usually by another vampire, and now drain blood and strength from the living. Vampires are usually destroyed by sunlight.

There are a wide variety of vampires. Many have particular weaknesses or special abilities; these are frequently based on whatever bloodline they belong to.

Subraces and Variants

Bloodrage VampireDominia
Cerebral VampireRavenloft
Chancellor of the DrossDominia
Demonvein VampyrePoxnora
Feral BloodsuckerThe Land
Hopping VampireShadowfist
Innistrad VampireInnistrad
Kheru BloodsuckerTarkir
Mirran VampireMirrodin
Nirkana RevenantDominia
Skeletal VampireDominia
Skyshroud VampireDominia
Stalking BloodsuckerDominia
Vein DrinkerDominia
Zendikar VampireZendikar

Vampire Lord, Vampire

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