Undead refers to creatures that were once living, but their normal life has ended. An undead creature is neither alive nor dead, but they remain animate due to dark magic (typically) or a powerful dark will.

Ghosts, (most) vampires, zombies, ghouls, skeletons, liches, wraiths, and (most) spectres are all undead.

Guide to Undead

The terms used for undead creatures often differ between settings. A ghoul in one setting may be called a zombie in another, and something totally different in a third. So within this wiki, the following common terms are used:

  • Corporeal
    • Ghoul: Sentient undead, with appetite for flesh.
    • Mummy: Undead creature preserved through religious ritual after their death
    • Revenant: An intelligent undead, similar to a zombie; their rotting has mostly ceased. Revenants remember their former life and are usually driven by particular goals.
    • Vampire: Sentient undead, sustained by feeding off the living (typically blood). A vampire can usually pass for human (or their original race).
    • Zombie: Mindless undead, with flesh slowly rotting.
  • Skeletal
    • Skeleton: Mindless animated skeletons of creatures
    • Intelligent Skeleton: Skeletons who retain their intelligence
    • Lich: Powerful magic wielders, who have attained unlife through their own magical means
    • Grim Skull: A type of undead that resembles a floating skull, usually glowing with an aura around it.
  • Incorporeal
    • Ghost: The spectral remnants of intelligent beings who, for one reason or another, cannot rest easily in their graves. Ghosts are intelligent, remembering their mortal life.
    • Haunt: Like ghosts, haunts are the remnants of living beings that remain, tied to a task or place. Unlike ghosts, haunts do not remember their mortal life, and do not resemble their original body.
    • Wraith: incorporeal creatures born of evil and darkness. They are somewhat humanoid, but usually do not appear as if they did in life
    • Spectre: Spectral remnamts of intelligent beings who have succumbed to the dark energies within them
  • Other
    • Death Knight: An undead warrior wielding magical powers in addition to being a potent warrior. Death Knights may be corporeal, skeletal, or even incorporeal beneath their armor

Creatures animated from assembling parts of other dead creatures may be undead, or they may be considered constructs. To identify which, consider whether the animating force is a spirit of a dead creature, or whether the animation is accomplished with evil magic.

Undead CreaturesEdit

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