Without the Trohh (the secret order of Spies and Assassins) behind you, you would never be able to rule over the Muero people. Trohh Grozz is the unofficial leader of this group, with others as figureheads. Over 50% of Grozz's body is artificial. He is a cyborg. Trohh Grozz know so many secrets and has resolved so many problems for leaders of his world that he holds a stranglehold on most of the Muero leaders. He holds his knowledge of their most nefarious deeds as a warrior holds his weapon. He does look forward to the day that the Motann-Raxx is removed since he is one of the leaders that he has no hold over. Grozz cares nothing for the money, only the power from the knowledge and secrets he possesses.

You must always be prepared to feed the greed of those that can help achieve their agenda. - Trohh Grozz (Hidden Resources) The smallest overlooked detail can easily be exploited into the largest catastrophy. - Trohh Grozz (Stick in the Wheel)

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