The Tlisk have conical bodies, with several tentacled appendages growing from the top. An appendage can end in a large eye or a manipulating claw. A Tlisk can morph a limb from an eye to a claw or vice-versa as needed. Even if the tlisk morphs all of its appendages into claws, it still has some rudimentary vision.

They morph themselves into various forms to perform specialized tasks. For instance, tlisk drones frequently have three claws, with no eyes. Another alternate form has a single eyestalk and two claws, with the eyestalk holding multiple (or multi-lensed) eyes.

Tlisk can adapt to almost any environment and atmosphere, so they often prefer planets that no one else wants. They frequently have a smell of chlorine.

Tlisk are telepathic. Some of their ships incorporate this into their design.

Tlisk society is a dictatorship.

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