The senior Primaag of forces that are battling the Dysori. Suutraal is much more subtle in his approach to dealing with their hated Dysori enemy. Most other Muero would throw forces at the Dysori, with no care as to how many resources were used up. Suutraal realizes that their world is now fighting a major battle with another world and the sixteen year long war with the Dysori has used up much of the Muero resources. He realizes that if Lotraag were to ever take control of their world that he would probably be executed. He is covertly doing everything he can to insure that Taarkiis becomes leader of their people.

None will escape. - Primaag Suutraal (In the Grasp of Your Hand)

Lotraag's attempt to capture the Orinn has failed. His mistake has left us no other choice -- we must attack the Soven. - Primaag Suutraal (Crush Their Spirits)

One miscalculation and Lotraag may have to cut out his own heart.

Ha! Do they think me, Lotraag, that I would fall for that. - Primaag Suutraal (You're Mine Now)

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