Physically, the soven are thin humanoids with four arms, and a large head. Their limbs are somewhat spindly, and their cranium is oversized, with ridges. They give the impression of frailty, but also of wisdom.

An advanced and ancient race, the peaceful Soven desire only to be left alone in an isolationist existence. Drawing on their vast technology, the Soven live only to create beauty. However, the Muero covet Soven technology, and the Soven tranquility will soon be shattered by a galactic conflict from which there is no escape.

Some Soven have mastered a mystical talent known as Voicing. Voicing talents include healing, deflecting damage, or protective talents. A few also can use their wrath to harm.

Soven technology includes nanotech. Their planet's defense platforms are grown from what best can be described as metallic coral, and they emit clouds of microscopic robots that gather materials, maintain, and repair themselves. The platforms are capable of entering orbit or descending to the Soven worlds as the situation requires.

They also have mastered integrating biotechnology. In their spacecraft, the life support and control systems are completely organic - grown rather than built. This is typical of Soven design philosophy.

"I've seen visuals of the Soven ships and I can't figure them out. They seem to be alive." -Sgt. Beat

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