The absolute ruler of Earth. He has ruled with an iron hand for nearly 60 years. Before his rule, the governments of Earth were in utter chaos with civil wars throughout the world, with his father trying to bring order to the world. After his father's assassination, he solidified his power several years later by use of his "Whisper Squads", which enforced peace by eliminating those leaders that would oppose him. Though he is 81 years old, the daily chemicals he takes keep him strong and looking like a man in his early forties. As he has grown older he has learned to become more tolerant of the opinions of other influential world leaders in the world. Some of his followers are not happy with this current trend.

Kane, we're counting on you to find something that can help us win this war. - Simon Christiansen (Kane Richards)

Renamed by Simon Christiansen as a warning to his enemies that to attack his reign would unleash an apocalypse. (Pestilence)

Saul, I have sent Cassandra Sage to the Soven homworld. You will be our temporary liason to the Dysori. - Simon Christiansen (Government Liaison)

There may be assassins about, and I don't want them interferring with the signing of this treaty. Perhaps we should supply an easy target to flush them out. - Simon Christiansen (Decoy)

The newest of the Human Battleships and the only one built by the Christiansen Government, it was specifically commissioned to complete the quartet. (Famine)

It is the oldest of the human fleet's battleships. Simon Christiansen renamed this ship and her two sister ships after the coup that brought him to power. (Death)

We will never surrender. - Simon Christiansen (Planetary Defenses)

Saul, I want you to lead a secondary fleet that will be stationed at Mars. Elias is a great warrior, but you're a great leader. - Simon Christiansen (Take Charge)

We need allies, that's why I'm sending you to the Soven homeworld. - Simon Christiansen (Cassandra Sage)

What am I supposed to do? Save Earth by discovering a Muero vaporizing raygun? Simon is asking far too much! But he's right, it may be our only chance. - Kane Richards (Discovered Technology)

Simon Christiansen has found the first world outside of the Solar System that will be colonized. (Forest World)

Masters and that weaking Christiansen are a perversion of all they claim to represent. I'll have both their heads mounted on a wall for public display! (Jason Trage)

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