Simon was an extremely talented and well paid medic who chose to devote his career to help planets whose medical technologies were light-years behind other more prosperous parts of the galaxy. He was framed for a murder by a jealous medic on one such planet, and the population turned on him with superstition for being of a different race.

He was about to be executed when Ophidian, hearing of the fate of the wealthy medic, bought his contract. Simon paid off most of the sentence leaving him penniless, and now must survive a short career in Ophidian to finish out his time. With little combat training Simon's prospects are grim, but he has hope.

Simon orignially hails from Yashrad in the Sept Bracius System.

I really hate this place! Freakshow hogs all the glory, breaks all the rules, and wows all the women - damn I hate him. -Simon Bantus, Fish (Freakshow) Tranquility is more enduring than vengeance. --Simon Bantus (Calm Aura)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic

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