This crazy engineer has an IQ over 500 and lets everybody around him know it. He loves to punish those whom he considers less intelligent than him, mainly everybody. He is a master technician and uses all manner of robots to protect him and overcome opponents. The Ophidian League pays well and sustains his lab and equipment as well as benefiting from contracting out his creations to governments and other more nefarious groups.

His nickname, The Berserker, belies his careful, methodical fighting style and is an endless source of humor amongst his competitors.

He hails from Meagred in the Prelum Bracius System.

Berserker first the entered gladiator combat industry as a technician in New Reuge. His genius became apparent very quickly and he become known for his hi-tech crazy inventions. With the Ophidian League reshaped, he decided he wanted to take a shot in the ring with his creations.

With an IQ like mine, who needs brawn? Re-Gen bots excel at fixing things, but are even better at taking things apart. --Berserker, Fanatical Genius (Re-Gen Bot) Berserker first created the supply bot to assist him in his lab, then he realized it could store additional weapons and armor. (Supply Bot)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Cybernetics

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