When Earth was forming a defending fleet, Simon Christiansen called upon one of the most beloved military leaders to come out of retirement and assist with the defense of Earth. Saul once believed in Simon's totalitarian rule over Earth in order to bring stability, but now he feels that Andrew Masters is the true power behind the leadership of Earth. Saul has been a friend to Simon for many years, but that friendship was strained when he questioned Simon about Andrew Masters' motives. This led to Saul's retirement from the fleet weeks later. Saul is trying to find proof of Andrew Masters's involvement of unspeakable deeds on the citizens of Earth and her colonies. Saul was awarded a Battle Gauntlet for his military achievements, but refused to accept it - to Simon's ire.

As it exited the Firestorm, it looked like a fiery beast from hell that had come to carry us to the netherworld. - Saul Hernandez (Super Heated)

This treaty will mark the beginning of a strong union between our two worlds. Let the Muero rue the day that they invaded our systems. - Saul Hernandez to Karynn Prosidius (Ambassador's Aide)

Even the best laid plans can go awry. - Saul Hernandez (Counter Measures)

Jon, you've done an excellent job in acquiring these weapons from the enemy. - Saul Hernandez (Stolen Technology)

Mars was the location where the Earth fleet lead by Saul Hernandez, with the aid of the Dysori, stopped the invading Muero fleet. (Mars)

Saul, I have sent Cassandra Sage to the Soven homworld. You will be our temporary liason to the Dysori. - Simon Christiansen (Government Liaison)

Admiral Hernandez, it's been reported that our reception fleet has been annihilated. The Muero are on their way to mars. (Homeworld Defense)

Saul, I want you to lead a secondary fleet that will be stationed at Mars. Elias is a great warrior, but you're a great leader. - Simon Christiansen (Take Charge)

Selected as the flagship for Saul Hernandez, War was severely damaged during the Second Battle of the Stand versus the Muero. (War)

The Muero will soon learn that humans are not an easy mark.

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