Here they come! Allende shouted. As the Montaigne crossed the breach, he could see the General on the far side - smiling at him. (Repel Boarders!) We are still Montaigne. We expect the very best. - Gerard Rois-et-Reines (Posh Quarters) You saved the captain's life, Rosamonde. Think on that before you judge yourself too harshly. - Gerard Rois-et-Reines Where are they? he heard the Montaigne cry. Where are they? Domingo grinned and readied his cutlass. (Obscured by Smoke) I-- I killed him... - Rosamonde du Montaigne (Unexpected Hero) Call it infernal if you like, but the Montaigne sorcerers can get into places we could never dream of. - Guy McCormick (Long Hand) I need you to take this to the Emperuer of Montaigne, and the Queen mustn't hear one word of it. (Avalon Noble) Spy on this, ya Montaigne bastard! (Mad Mario) They look better on her than the Montaigne sissy she took them from. (Fine Boots) It was just a short row across the reach. How could he have vanished without a trace? - Rosamonde du Montaigne (Without a Trace) I saw the Cap'n and he were lookin' o'er charts. What manner of charts? Maps, really. Maps of Montaigne. (Captain's Quarters) We are here to ensure I'Empereur's fleet is performing exactly as it ought to be. A bloody waste of deck space if you ask me, the General grumbled to himself. You saved the captain's life, Rosamonde. Think on that before you judge yourself too harshly. - Gerard Rois-et-Reines (Rosamonde du Montaigne) I watch the shore so that Orduno may watch the sea. The Montaigne invasion cannot be overturned by ships alone. (Rita del Zepeda) Soon, we will strike back at Montaigne, and reclaim our land. - Esteban Verdugo (Naval Sanction) Everyone thought Admiral Valoix would try to reestablish the Montaigne blockade. No one imagined he would strike at free Castille - no one except Orduno (Battle of San Felipe) San Augustin's in Montaigne hands now - and by Theus, they mean to keep it. (Hostile Harbor) We heard a thin scream over the roar of the cannons. Then Marc shouted, and I turned to see a Montaigne light a fuse on a barrel of gunpowder... (Through the Portal) Tell King Sandoval that the Montaigne blockade is no more. - Admiral Orduno (Offensive Maneuvers) In Montaigne, it's fiendish and dishonorable. Here, it's just business as usual. (Ambrogia School) the coast of Montaigne. The General sits there and waits for the unwary and foolish. - The Explorer's Society Guide to Théah (Frothing Sea)

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