He is a scientist, scholar, musician and friend to all. Ran'har has proven to be a steadfast friend to those that are willing to accept his own quirkiness. Many of his compatriots feel that he is too open to outsiders. Most of his contemporaries are unaware that his thirst for adventure calls him on a different path than most Soven. He wishes to become a Far-Ranger (a Soven space wanderer) and travel the universe. Few Soven have pursued this urge to leave Y'mvalla, the first being Truxil of Perisom over four and half centuries before. Ran'har has become a confidant of Ambassador Cassandra Sage.

I sense that your life is in danger, Cassandra Sage. - Ran'har (Divine)

We have little time to prepare, but our resolve must be stronger than our foes. - Ran'har (Training)

War is not our desire, but we are not afraid of conflict. If the Muero are not cautious, we shall unleash our wrath against them.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Voicing

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