This strange alien possess a control of the mind stronger than most other species can manage. So little is known of his race or background that he has earned the nickname, The Stranger. Also a mystery is why The Stranger has chosen to fight.

This mysterious mutant appears to feed off anger. So little is known of his origins that fans only know him as Stranger. His motives are unknown and beneath his cloak, appears to lurk something quite disturbing. Gaining an underground following, his recent matches have showcased an incredible ability to regenerate in-match, when apparently dead and dormant. He's been reported as taking the full brunt of attacks early in a match, only to return at the end to claim victory.

OGN (Ophidian Gladiatorial News Service) and some outside sources have spotted the Stranger and Opac together outside the arenas, but it’s unknown at this time their current role.

With the Great Arrival, they shall understand

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic
  2. Psi

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