Prahv, the Spires of Order, is a veritable city of marble and alabaster, a maze of long, echoing corridors and domed chambers. Tight rows of soldiers, spotlessly outfitted, guard the whole campus. But the guild's powerful law-magic, not the swords of its standing guard, protects Prahv.

Inside a silent chamber, well above the city, sat the venerable Augustin IV, the former Azorius Grand Arbiter. Like countless arbiters before him, Augustin's name is honorary, chosen from among the names of celebrated arbiters of the past.

Prahv was destroyed in the years following the breaking of the Guildpact, when the Boros warship Parhelion crashed into it. Years passed in bureaucratic paralysis while the Azorius deliberated how, when, and where to rebuild. A New Prahv was built on a different site, and the site of Old Prahv’s ruins has become a wilderness preserve.

Prahv, Spires of Order