Monsieur Gosse is still not eating. Is the pheasant perhaps too tough? (Gaspar) He's never been off the island before. Gosse didn't want him to go, but he snuck aboard anyway. So we had him run ammo for us - and cut me open if he isn't a natural at it. - Andre Braudel (Daniel) In his youth, Gosse had every woman he met eatin' out of his hand. (...and He Makes Witty Repartee) When told of the attack, Captain Gosse's cheerful face grew serious. Set sail for the Trade Sea, he ordered, I have a bad feeling about this. (Boarded By Skeletons) Thomas is gone, Gosse whispered. Gone... (By the Gods...) Uncle Philip... why couldn't you save me, Uncle Philip... (Thomas Gosse) Let them take it. We could never have repaired the ship if Gosse hadn't come along, For that, I'm willing to give up a little swag... - Allende (Calling in Favors) I've led a good life. I hope to die a good death. Gosse was quite the scrapper once. Could take out a whole barroom without breakin' a sweat. (He Fights Well...) She's really quite harmless. Except when she's not. - Melinda Gosse (Belit) Just make sure the chair doesn't damage his sword arm, lad. - Philip Gosse (Wild Party!) Throw it around him, then haul him in like a load of fish. No need to get bloody. - Philip Gosse (Drop a Boarding Net) You like it? Keep it. There's a chest full of them back at home. - Philip Gosse (Trinkets and Baubles) Even an old man like Gosse still has a head to turn - so I can cut it off. - Dalia (Corsair Pride) Unique Your Captain must already have He Fights Well... attached to play this card. React: Play when you tack your Captain to produce Adventuring. This card attaches to your Captain and gives a +1 to all his skills. He knew horses, too, Gosse did. Once rode fifty miles at a full gallop... with a Castillian girl in his lap. (...He Rides Well...) My riches are yours, Gosse intoned. After all, this may be my last chance to spend them. (The Captain's Word) Do they always dive for cover like that, Uncle Philip? - Thomas Gosse (Gosse Pride) Sometimes, it's better to have friends than subordinates. - Philip Gosse (...and One for All) If you want to repair my ship, Gosse, the least I can do is let you rob me blind. - Allende (Please, Take Your Time)

Philip Gosse

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