After betraying his master, Arkzilipul, to save the life of a rival demon, P.K. fled Skiverkilial and found his way to the Ophidian arenas, one of the few places where demons could find acceptance. With his incredible portal abilities he quickly began to thrive in the arenas. Just as his star was rising, Arkzilipul entered the Ophidian games and P.K. fled fearing retribution. He was not heard from or seen for nearly ten years.

P.K. has recently returned, and although he has lost all his status in the interim, he is determined to rise again. What he did for those nine years of exile and why he chose now to come out of hiding and face the wrath of Arkzilipul is unknown.

The last season P.K. became part of Team Uncanny alongside with Striking Dragon, Ryla and Freakshow and won the Ophidian Teams Championship. But his fight with Dark Arkzilipul is far from over, as the two are expected to have a major crash this season for the rank promotion of P.K.

Can he count with his team mates or is P.K. alone in his struggle against the Dark Lord? And is P.K. leave Team uncanny to restart is old Dynamic Duo with S’Karthkha his former team mate? Only time will tell.

A former servant of Arkzilipul's, P.K. has strayed from the path of evil.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Portal

P. K.

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