This article is about a cybernetic alien gladiator. For other uses, see Pago (disambiguation).

Pago is a cybernetic alien from Dkarthad in the Raskelon system.

Pago is a fighting machine who in his early days as a gladiator overdosed on a cocktail of powerful synth-drugs and muscle enhancers. In an insane state, Pago ripped off his own limbs and split his skull. He now has machinelike appendages and a metal skull case. With more than eighty percent of his brain and body cybernetically replaced, Pago is now only marginally crazy and makes a great deal of money though his anti-drug sponsorships. He is a fierce competitor and many underestimate his sense of duty and friendship because of his strange appearance and quirky nature.

Pago ripped off his own limbs on Raskelon due to a drug overdose. After tearing himself apart, he was simply reconstructed with superior parts.

Sometimes the blood in my eyes is both blinding and refreshing. (Blood Motives)

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