This article is about the mindless, zombie-like creatures of Mirrodin. For other uses, see Nim (disambiguation).

The nim are the mindless, ravenous undead of Mirrodin. They vent Necrogen gas - a toxic poison. Necrogen gas conducts energy from the Mephidross spires, twisting and transforming those it touches. The undead-like Nim are one result of the corrupting power of necrogen.

Nim are usually humanoid, with a facial plate-hood covering the eyes and forehead, and spike-like jutting teeth.

The trudging, cranially-plated, necrogen-infected nim resemble zombies in many ways. They are Mirrodin's undead, slowly transformed from normal beings into ravenous, mindless beings. They have a variety of horrifying metal "evolutions," from external steel jaws to razor-sharp "scales" on their knuckles and knees.

Since living in the Mephidross slowly causes blindness, the Nim have metal plates over where their eyes once were..

Subtypes and Variants

Contagious NimMirrodin
Flayed NimDominia
Nim GrotesqueMirrodin
Toxic NimMirrodin