Naru Kami created many of the new martial arts programs used by today’s gladiators. His mastery of the martial arts spans over 100 different disciplines from numerous planets. His artistry is seen clearly in his Aikido and Kung Fu, two lost martial arts styles of unknown origin. This master still fights in the arena to keep his skills sharp and prepare the ultimate form of martial art.

The last season Striking Dragon becomed part of Team Uncanny alongside with Ryla, P.K. and Freakshow and won the Ophidian Teams Championship. But that's not all as he found an rather interesting side of Trace, another Gladiator, he's seen spending more and more of his free time with her. His purpose is unknown, bue we can guess that this will soon be spoon off as his intriguing origins.

Use their offensive weakness as your own offensive strength. --Naru Kami, The Striking Dragon (Aikido Strike)

Strike when you have the advantage or not at all.

Pain controls emotion. --Naru Kami, The Striking Dragon (Karate Strike)

Keen reflexes, not armor, is true defense. --Naru Kami, The Striking Dragon (Kung Fu Dodge)

A memory of the mythical dragon, like a guardian to a forgotten place, fills me with the power of my ancestors. That image is the only link to my past. –Naru Kami, The Striking Dragon

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Cybernetics

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