Physically, a muero is somewhat humanoid in form, though larger and much more physically powerful than humans. They resemble dragon-men, in that their head sits on a long, broad neck, jutting forward from their torso. The neck has a spiked dorsal ridge. Their forearms also have scale-spines. They are a dark grey-green in color, and their hides are notoriously thick and difficult to harm.

The militaristic Muero control much of known space beyond the Firestorm. But their rapid conquest has left Muero forces spread too thin, unable to defend their holdings easily. Now the Muero stand poised to conquer one more system - Earth - a rich source of resources. Unless the Humans can achieve an impossible miracle, the Muero will succeed.

The Muero did not evolve for war; they were engineered for it. They were originally a servitor race to another race, but revolted. Now, they are ever aggressive against any possible threats. They keep the Head of K'vaan, the skull of their former captors' leader, as a reminder.

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