Miyal has been the leader of the Soven people for over 10 years. He is the "Speaker of the Vutral" or head of all the tribes. The Soven are a dying race and he is working with scientists to discover the reason for their infertility. Many of his people believe it to be the work of the Orinn in an effort to finally rid themselves of the Soven people and the take complete control of Y'mvalla; the planet that both races call home. The Soven live many years, and normally have a low birthrate, but the numbers have become increasingly alarming to the Soven leaders. This is a major reason that they have been unwilling to participate on any side of the galactic conflict. The leaders feel that they cannot spare the lives to participate, no matter how just a cause may be. Miyal has taken things into his hands, and with the help of Aranaugh, has secretly been preparing his people for a war that he knows will soon arrive.

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