This article is about the planet Mars within the Rocketmen setting. For other uses, see Mars (disambiguation).

Mars is a habitable planet in the Rocketmen setting. It has quite a few large metropolises, and is inhabited by the Martians.

Decades ago, Warlord Tonga accomplished what none before him could: he conquered Mars. His ambition did not end there, however. Seeking to control the entire solar system, he forced the inner planets to war. King Tonga, as he was now called, turned his military eye to Earth.

Killra, a commander under Tonga, led the invasion of Earth. However, rather than finish off a weakened Earth, he returned to Mars to topple Tonga. King Killra concentrated all his resources on constructing new fleets. All of Mars waited for the order that would send them to Earth to finish the job begun a decade prior, but they were instead stunned when their king allied himself with Lord Invictus.

Mars has prospered from its alliance with the Legion of Terra. Some Martians still dislike King Killra's choice to ally himself with Lord Invictus, but this attitude is generally because those individuals have not directly gained from the pact - not because they have any moral qualms about the treaty.

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