Madame Petice is a Spectral. Her original name is Martia Clark.

For the love of a man she took human form and broke all ties with her spectral past. Her husband, a renowned fighter in the Ophidian arenas, was killed under mysterious circumstances after an event. The identity of the killer was unknown even to the spirit of her dead husband who remains by her side protecting her for all time. Even now, ten years later, the killer has yet to be revealed.

The Madame can take down the largest of opponents with only the power of her mind and can read their thoughts and project their worst fears back at them. She believes that if she can find and defeat her husband's killer, his spirit will finally rest.

The body is a prison of the mind. When the mind learns how to escape, it wields power far beyond that of sinew and bone. --Madame Petice, The Heart of Wrath (Mind Over Body)

He shall always be by my side.

The physical body is nothing more than a burden to the soul. --Madame Petice, The Heart of Wrath (Free Your Mind)

You must have control over your mind, as well as your body. --Madame Petice, The Heart of Wrath (Breathe Deeply)

"Four Keepers for every element, each with uncontested powers." –Madame Petice (Keeper of the Winds)

"Go forth. We shall never let him gain the upper hand." -Madame Petice (Mind the Mighty)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic
  2. Psi

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