Lyzolda the Blood Witch, the high priestess of the cult of the demon Rakdos, parted ways with her sanity long ago. Now she embraces the Rakdos philosophy of gleeful destruction. She leads Rakdos gatherings that are half demented variety show, half bloody mass sacrifice -- and cackles all the way.

As Rakdos slumbered in his lava pit, the acting guildmaster, the bloodwitch Lyzolda, procures dragon spinal fluid and blood from Jarad (now the guildmaster of the Golgari), and uses both those and the blood of Jarad's son to cast a spell to awaken the demon. Rakdos awakens and smashes his way out onto the streets of Ravnica and right into a fight with Project Kraj. After the fight with Kraj, Rakdos is hauled back into the lava pit of Rix Maadi in a coma. Lyzolda crumples as soon as Rakdos succumbs to Kraj and is promptly devoured by her Rakdos guild members.

Sacrificial rites take place before an audience of cheering cultists, each begging to be the next on stage.

Lyzolda's pet rats eat better than the average citizen. In fact, they can usually be found eating the average citizen. (Gobhobbler Rats)

Lyzolda, the Blood Witch, Rakdos Riteknife