As loyal as any other in the Dysori military, Lyseria Truvalis was once a Prefect until the battle at Sorvius One. She is a good friend of Josidynn Prosidius and she feels that she and her crew fought fiercely and bravely in the cause of their people at the battle. However, for some reason, the Dysori military leaders demoted Lyseria and moved her to an unglamorous task of escorting exploration expeditions. This has not sat well with her and she still searches for the true reason behind the stripping of her rank.

I lost my ship and many of my crew at Sorvius One. Give me another and I will even the score! - Lyseria Truvalis (Battleship)

Can't we just sign the treaty and get on to the figthing? - Lyseria Truvalis (Extended Meeting)

Captain Truvalis, it seems to be a problem with the hydro-magnetic fusion igniter_ give me a minute to fix it. - Flavia Tyrsus (Breakdown)

A Muero needs to know his limitations.

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