Lothario Rex Vanx, better known as Lothar, believes he is the sole survivor of a strain of a bio-engineered death plague that infected and decimated his home planet, Meredine. His unique DNA allowed him to live, although greatly altered. Lothar’s control of disease is so great that special bio-filters are raised before he enters the arena. He is avoided by many for fear of his abilities, but he can exercise a total control of his powers.

Lothar is consumed with a life quest to track down the designer of the bio-virus, who may be connected with Ophidian. He fights in the arena in the hopes of infiltrating Ophidian’s inner circle.

Lothar hails from Meredine in the Leonide system. After the Meridine plague ravaged his planet, he was placed in the Gen-Effect Project along with Lillith and the other survivors.

Allowing mutants to infect me, only makes me stronger! --Lothar, Lord of Contagion (Slobbering Bite) The last of many; and the deadliest form of contagion. Black pus sprang from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth; and he knew the price for crossing Lothar. (Dripping Leak) The micropox is a lethal contagion rumored to have caused the destruction of Lothar's home world. (Cellular Collapse) Fear me only if you have reason to.

Lothar, Questing Force

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