This article is about a gladiator in Ophidian. For other uses, see Lillith (disambiguation).

Lillith is an alien from Casandra III in the Leonide System. The Meridine plague struck her planet, killing all but a handful. She was quarantined for several years, and placed in the Gen-Effect Project along with the other survivors, including Lothar.

After her family and all others from her planet were killed by a virus she could not save them from, she gave up on life and joined the Ophidian arenas. She relieves those painful moments from her past each time she enters the arena, hoping each time that she can somehow change the past and find a reason to live again. She despises her powers and feels guilty after each time she saves someone in combat, not understanding why she could not do the same for her family and her people.

Her personality just like her powers can be both full of hate and caring, however she only releases her emotions in battle and keeps away from personal ties. The last of her kind, she is beyond the reach of death.

Vengeance does not quench your emotions, it only makes you thirst for more. --Lillith, Defiler of Death (Vengeful Blow) Yield, or you shall know my wrath like no other. --Lillith, Defiler of Death (Treble Factor) I could see their moves before they made them. --Lillith, Defiler of Death (Full Monty)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic
  2. Psi

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