The Kirryll are insectoid aliens with delicate wings and a body resembling a fly. They have a long tail that is longer than the rest of their body. They are used to lower gravity, so they fare poorly in normal gravity environments. They organize themselves into broods, which may have thousands of members.

The appearance of individual Kirryll differs significantly due to their penchant for genetic manipulation. The Kirryll are masters of bio-engineering. Among the Kirryll, genetic manipulation is an art form. Their expertise at bio-engineering extends to their ships, which use biological components. In fact, Kirryll have been known to use parts of their own bodies to repair their ships. To many, Kirryll technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Kirryll use their biological expertise to terraform planets.

They also have an innate sense of vital processes, whether in a body or a society. This appears in their skills as saboteurs or assassins. Their assassins use long curved blades similar to katanas called Fingg-Qua, and a typical Kirryll assassin is capable of wielding four of them.

Kirryll Saboteur

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