The Second Prophet is your master now. - Kheired-Din (The Code) Kheired-Din could barely be contained after the escape. Only Shala's gentle words kept him from butchering the entire crew. (Shala) Kheired-Din is a messiah, here to usher in the New Age. I would die to see with his vision. (Andres Donovich) Kheired-Din was impassive. Throw them overboard. Perhaps Theus can teach them the benefits of obedience. (Lightening the Load) It is not a monster. It is a distraction. Throw it overboard and keep rowing. - Kheired-Din (Disregard) He keeps Kheired-Din's precious cannon working - and the crew hates him all the more for it. (Imshi) If Kheired-Din backed off after seeing Maggie's tatoos, then perhaps we have some bargaining power after all. (Brenden Stafford) He's more beast than man. When loosed, he always kills as many of my own crew as the enemy. - Kheired-Din (Hamish) Petro was one of Kheired-Din's captive rowers, anonymous and abused, until Espera's escape gave him the chance to show his loyalty. (Petro Angelina) React: Play when a player moves into your Sea by using their Ship's Free Move. That player does not take their Action and play continues to the next player. Espera used his privileged status to sabotage every part of the Strange Skies. They wouldn't be following him, even with Kheired-Din's magic. (Nasty Bit 'o Luck) This is only one, my lord. How can we possibly find them all? Kheired-Din smiled. The Prophet will provide. (The First Switch) Kheired-Din needed a historian so he enslaved the best he could find. (Adeeb Al-Amid) Let's go somewhere more cheerful, like the Castillian front, or Kheired-Din's hold (Cafe of Broken Dreams) Maggie Skittered backward, limbs flailing wildly - then Kheired-Din caught sight of her bare feet. The mark of the lightbringer! (Destiny's Touch) Find out anything you can about Kheired-Din, Jacob. We've just made a deal abd I want to know if he keeps his word. (Call to Duty)

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