Josidynn is rumored to be the greatest military mind that the Dysori have ever known. Her ferocity in battle is only equaled by her temper. She has never truly experienced a loss in battle, with the destruction of Cruxtacia being the only blemish on a spotless military career. She still blames both her mother and sister for the loss of the base on the Sorvius One moon and is confident that it would not have been destroyed if they had followed her plan. The selection of her sister, Karynn, as High Prefect in the war with the Muero has led her to leave her homeworld and swear vengeance on all those that would not support her. She has since met with the Corsairs of Nephalis and after several months is already challenging for its leadership.

Death to the Dysori! Our first step against my former sisters, will be to take the mines of Quarzius III. - Josidynn Prosidius (Quarzius III)

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