Jon Crowne is a suave secret agent that works for the highest bidder, but is usually contracted by Earth's military forces. He is resourceful, charismatic and cool under fire. His father once served under Saul Hernandez. Jon has performed many tasks for Admiral Hernandez and is currently trying to infiltrate the Muero world and steal any technology or find any weakness of their adversary. From his contacts he has heard rumors of a Muero super assassin. He looks forward to meeting him.

A spy's best friend in the right conditions. - Jon Crowne (Infra-Red Goggles)

Jon, you've done an excellent job in acquiring these weapons from the enemy. - Saul Hernandez (Stolen Technology)

Some secrets should be kept secret. But for the right price _ - Jon Crowne (Blackmail)

What we need is R & D baby! Heavy on the R! - Jon Crowne (Research Facility)

A small cut here, a little plastic explosive there and they'll never know what happened. - Jon Crowne (Poor Planning)

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