Jhoira of the Ghitu, one of the greatest minds to spring from Dominaria. As a former student of the prestigious Tolarian Academy, Jhoira is a master artificer and was even the original captain of the skyship Weatherlight. As such, she is known for her skills at inventing new devices and tinkering with existing ones. Due to her experiences at the epicenter of some significant temporal disasters and her background with time mages Barrin and Teferi, Jhoira also harbors a deep understanding of chronomancy, the magic of time manipulation.

Jhoira is an artificer from the Ghitu tribe from the mountains of Shiv. She studied at the Tolarian Academy along with Teferi. Jhoira was Karn’s first friend and named the silver golem.

Jhoira was handpicked by Urza to study on Tolaria. She pledged to go and learn the cutting edge of artifice and then return to Shiv to teach the skills she had learned to the rest of her tribe. Soon after arriving on the island, this tall, slender Ghitu woman proved herself to be more brilliant and mature than any of her classmates. Working on artifact machines used by Urza and Barrin in secret experiments, she ascended to the top student position with ease. But it's lonely being the best and brightest, and Jhoira did not make friends easily - until Karn was created. It was Jhoira who gave the silver golem his name, and they became fast friends,

But Urza's experiments went terribly wrong. There was a huge explosion and temporal disaster, caused by a combination of Urza experimenting with time travel and a Phyrexian attack. Urea escaped with Mage Master Barrin and 13 other students and scholars. Karn rescued a score more, but Jhoira was stranded on the island with few companions for many years. She was alone on the ruined island that had been home to the Tolarian Academy. Her hair grew wild, her muscles grew taut, and her skin turned an even darker bronze. Due to drinking water from a slow time rift, Jhoira’s aging has almost stopped and she is near immortal

Urza and Barrin returned to recreate the academy with a new batch of students ten years later, But Tolaria wasn't the same island after the terrible disaster - there were dangers and pitfalls at almost every turn. Johanna's extensive knowledge of the hazards - and more importantly, the safe passages around and through them - was the only thing that kept the new academy members alive. She taught them to survive, and even utilize the time rifts on the island. She was instrumental in rebuilding the academy, and when Urza went to Shiv to use the mana rig, it was Jhoira who acted as ambassador to the Viashino that lived and worked on the ancient machine.

During the Phyrexian Invasion, Jhoira and Teferi fled the plane of Dominaria and phased out large parts of both their homelands. Teferi and Jhoira returned to Dominaria during temporal crisis.

Jhoira was captain of the Weatherlight before Sisay.

It entertained Jhoira to craft a kit that could bring her the tools. (Jhoira)

"It's a clever design. You should look closely at its gearing after it swallows your head." -Jhoira, master artificer (Mantis Engine)

"We turned old weapons into new warriors." -Jhoira, master artificer (Alloy Golem)

"Fire is the universal language." -Jhoira, master artificer (Tribal Flames)

"I wonder how it feels to be bored." -Jhoira, artificer (Tinker)

"They are called 'Mi'uto,' which means 'one use.'" -Jhoira, artificer

The Ghitu believe their race was born of fire, and it's an honor to return to it. (Ghitu Fire-Eater)

"What would Urza think, I wonder, if he could hear how the nature mages still snarl at his name, but venerate the work of his apprentice?" -Teferi, to Jhoira (Magus of the Candelabra)

"Sages who take the time to verify their sources are rewarded for their diligence." -Jhoira, to Teferi (Careful Consideration)

"What is mana but possibility, an idea not yet given form?" -Jhoira, master artificer (Mind Stone)

"Teferi snapped his fingers, and the viashino started clucking like a chicken. Silly, yes, but exactly the thing we needed to break the stifling tension." -Jhoira, master artificer (Bewilder)

"If it is meant to be nothing but a machine," Karn finally asked Jhoira, "why did Urza build it to be like me?" (Beast of Burden)

Blessed Reversal, Jhoira of the Ghitu (MvM), Jhoira of the Ghitu, Slow Motion, Tinker (ULG)

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