John Fox sniffed out the stolen Cross like a bloodhound. But only Berek had the guts to take it. (Sea Dog Pride) You can't fool me, 'Tom,' Berek smiled. And I need a lady's kiss before I face that monster. (Lady's Kiss) widened at the half drowned form clinging the figurehead. Jeremiah Berek... (Pulled From the Sea) There! That's our way out, lads! Between 'em! -J. Berek (Evasive Course) There are so many stories about Celedoine and Berek... and in Avalon, they just may all be true. (Celedoine) If you need it, he has it. Of course, the price fluctuates according to your need... - J. Berek (Augusto Rodriguez) As he sailed away, Berek's men yelled insults at the Castillian navy ships - who found themselves empty-handed yet again. (Steering Clear) Berek held desperately to the scythe's handle. He just needed a few minutes until Bonnie could cut the lines... (No Banter...) You can't surrender to me; you have to surrender to the Captain... - Jeremiah Berek (Captain) Scrub it up right, boys. We want to look our best when we send 'em back to the bottom where they belong. - Berek (Fine Rigging) Avalon before all else, Captain. Berek nodded, Before all else. (Queen Elaine) When all else fails, take a hostage. Their guns get quiet when one of their own is tied to the figurehead. - J. Berek (When All Else Fails) No sir, Cap'n Berek, sir. No problem. Just a wee storm, that's all. Remember when Harry o'er there got himself struck by lightnin'? Now that was a storm! (Jack Tars) His luck ran out at the same time Berek's did, only no one came to pull poor William from the sea. (William Toss) Berek said te leave, an' we're leavin'! Bonnie screamed. Or else Reis paints his sails with our blood! (Listen!) It's time we taught Jeremiah Berek a lesson. No one steals my property. - Reis (Crimson Roger Pride) ...but it sure helps. - Berek (Speed Isn't Everything) Tell Harry we're swingin' round again! I want them bleeding from every side! - Jeremiah Berek (Sharp Maneuvering) Berek had stolen the Cross from the Crimson Rogers - and it was only a matter of time before Reis caught up with him. (Staying Ahead of Trouble) Berek was going to set course for somewhere big. Then the Crimson Rogers showed up. (What Do We Have Here) He's an old salt, but he gets what I need when I need it. - Jeremiah Berek (Retired Smuggler) You must have ...No Barter... in play to play this card. Until the end of the turn, players may not tack Crew to absorb Hits. Reis looked down as Berek toppled overboard and vanished beneath the foam. No one steals from me, Sea Dog. (...No Quarter!) Put your revenge away for awhile McGee. Serve with me and I promise you, together we'll find that black-hearted bastard and give him what he deserves. - J. Berek (Gold Only Buys Obedience) You must have No Banter... in play to play this card. Until the end of the turn, players may not complete Adventures, or put Adventures into play. The scythe cut through blade and flesh alike. For the first time in his life, Berek felt fear gnawing at his heart. (...No Barter...)

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