Jason Trage is a cyborg. His entire lower body and his hands have been replaced by robotic parts. His hands are heavily weaponized.

Jason is the previous Security Director for Simon Christiansen. He was the person that brought Andrew Master's into the fold and taught him everything he knew about security. Jason was betrayed by Andrew and Simon which led to an attempt on Jason's life. He was assumed dead after his shuttle on Mars was destroyed upon a take-off. Operatives of the Tristan Corporation found his broken and nearly dead body. Karina saw this as an opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into Simon's inner circle and was able to sway Jason to join her. Her scientists have rebuilt Jason with the most advanced cybernetic implants. Jason has shown himself a couple of times and it has gotten back to Andrew that his old master may still be alive. Jason is a hunted man, but his rage for Simon and Andrew keeps him strong and focused.

Masters and that weaking Christiansen are a perversion of all they claim to represent. I'll have both their heads mounted on a wall for public display!

If you're the best Andrew can send, then obviously he hasn't remembered my lessons. - Jason Trage (Cowardice)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Cybernetics

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