Until the Awakening and their ill-fated alliance with the jinn Kaleel, the Jackals relished their reputation as the terror of Medinaat al-Salaam. A cult originally formed from would-be members of the Order of the Ebon Hand who had failed the Test of the Stone, the Jackals called the sewers of Medinaat al-Salaam their home, emerging to strike at the world above in pursuit of a dark and brooding agenda. The Ebon Stone of the Ebonites was in some ways the center of their existence, for they worshipped the god they believed resided in the Stone, yet also feared it for the horrors it would bring about if it were ever released.

Since the Awakening, the Jackals have fallen into a deep and extended period of decline, crushed by the Celestial Alliance along with the jinn Kaleel during the Awakening, followed by persecution from the Ebonites afterward. With most of their best leaders dead and their followers destroyed or scattered, the Jackals no longer exert the influence they once had. Their name no longer elicits the jump of the heart and the lump in the throat that it once did, except among those who are old enough to remember their heyday, and they are fewer and fewer every year. Their longtime foes the Ebonites still remember them, but the Order of the Ebon Hand has for the most part moved on to other concerns. Even so, the remnant of the Jackals in Medinaat al-Salaam still raises havoc when it can, under the leadership of the legendary Monkey Man. The cult has also begun to look south to revive its fortunes, seeking the favor of Daigotsu, the Champion of The Emerald Empire’s sinister Spider Clan, by offering him intelligence and advice.