For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested. Unfurl your sails, saddle up a dinosaur, and battle your rivals as you embark on a journey to claim the plane’s greatest fortune for yourself!

Ixalan is one continent on a larger world. It is lush jungles surrounded by rich azure seas, massive dinosaurs, and it’s home to empires all its own. It’s home to two major people: the dinosaur-riding Sun Empire and the merfolk River Heralds. And, to complicate all of this, these two groups are encountering two additional forces: the pirates of the Brazen Coalition and the vampire conquistadors of the Legion of Dusk.

The residents of Ixalan are technologically advanced. They make steel, they build immense cities, already have empires of their own. Their stories do not involve sacrifice, getting duped by invaders, or any other tired trope like that. Instead, we wanted to give them a quest of their own. The invaders are a delightfully thin metaphor here in the form of vampire conquistadors, and those that invade here lack the weapons and diseases that our true history had. Instead, the vampires, the Legion of Dusk, sail on cathedral-like ships from the east and arrive to a hot, humid jungle, in very clammy armor, driven by religious fervor to reclaim a relic stolen from them centuries before.

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