A stately woman wearing Grecian-style clothing. Queen Helena Myrianis is an accomplished diplomat and military leader. She is also known as Helena of Tarsod.

She has led the Dysori world since her mothers death at the hands of the first Muero attack sixteen years ago. She has vowed that the Muero will pay for the suffering they have caused her people. Many in the Dysori senate feel that the Queen is withholding too much information in regards to the battle with the Muero, trying to assure them that the war is going much better than it actually is. The victory at Sorvius One was at a high cost and has delayed the inevitable in many Dysori leaders eyes.

Even with maximum capacity we're unable to match pace with the production of the Muero war Machine. - Queen Helena (Concentrated Effort)

Karynn, your sister has publicly declared war against the senate and all those that supported you as the choice for replacing your mother. - Queen Helena Myrianis (Home World Recall)

Josidynn, you're failure to defend the moon of Sorvius One cost the lives of thousands of our people! - Quenn Helena Myrianis (Shamed)

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