Harpies are creatures with the head and torso of a woman, and the wings and lower body of a bird, usually a vulture. They are frequently nasty and hostile. Most have wings in addition to arms, but some have no arms, replacing them with their wings. If they have any form of rulership, it is usually a queen that rules them.

Harpies usually live in desolate places, robbing, harassing, and even killing anyone who enters their territory. Their aeries are filled with stolen objects they have no use for.

When harpies demand a toll to cross through their territory, consider yourself lucky if they permit payment in coin.

Gold coin, battered helmet, broken wrist bone—all have the same value in the eyes of a harpy.

Subtypes and Variants

Ash HarpyFieryEntrath
Blood-Toll HarpyTheros
Bloodwitch HarpyAsperia
Chicken HandThe World (dot Hack)
Darkfeast HarpyLarisnar
Famine HarpyLarisnar
Salt HarpyEntrath
Screech HarpyEtheria (Mage Wars)
Shade HarpyLarisnar
Shrike HarpyTheros
Wood HarpyThe World (dot Hack)

Harpy (BloodRealm), Harpy (Rise of Mythos)