Brennan is always prepared for every situation... as if he's been planning for years. - Guy McCormick (Brennan) My ancestors told me to follow McCormick. They say he leads to wonders that the world has never seen... (Ulf Karlseen) McCormick's quest continues, I assume. If I could show him the vistas I have found... (Lord Windamshire) Call it infernal if you like, but the Montaigne sorcerers can get into places we could never dream of. - Guy McCormick (Long Hand) Aye,I seen yer wife, McCormick. Same place I got me this hand... (Mumblety Peg) At last, I've found the key. - Guy McCormick (Aether Compass) West of Avalon. Cosette pointed at the map. That's our last sign of civilized land. Call McCormick your captain or get off at Carleon: those are your only choices. (Headed Out) I can smell Syrne, McCormick. Like a bloodhound. (Pertruccio Garibaldi) It's between those coves, McCormick. Trust me. (Shore Knowledge) It leaks out sometimes - pieces of the 7th Sea. You can't control them, you can only hope to survive them. - Guy McCormick (7th Sea Eddy) They came from Vodacce to find their errant sisters, carrying silver shears tucked into their corsets. Grown men screamed like little girls whenever they took them out. - Guy McCormick (The Three Fate Witches) The Syrneth harnessed the currents for us. It would be a shame to waste their gift. - Guy McCormick (Syrneth Tiller) McCormick found her on the Isle of Syrneth and gave her his mother's maiden name. The only reminder she has of her heritage are two strange tattoos on the bottom of her feet. (Maggie Malone) McCormick's quest drives us, but a good fight still makes life worth living. - Maggie Malone (Explorer Pride) Find out where he got that vest. It belonged to Amanda. - Guy McCormick (Strength isn't Everything)

Guy McCormick

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