By the time I finished looking up at 'im, I was too tired to fight, so I bought 'im a drink instead. - Grimey Stubbs (Mountainous Mike) A flick of his wrists, and I suddenly found myself facing a man armed with two knives. It was right then that I remembered a pressing engagement I had elsewhere. - Grimey Stubbs (Hidden Knife) Nothin' worse than runnin' into a Swordsman when yur tryin' to engage in a little honest piracy. -Grimey Stubbs (Hired Swordsman) I ain't dead yet, so it must be workin'. - Grimey Stubbs (Rabbit's Foot) Whoops, almost dropped me match in the keg. Maybe I oughta move it out of the way... nah. You know what you boys need? A nice plate of warm pig fat - Grimey Stubbs (Purple Heaves) Just keep the fire out of the powder room and we'll be fine. - Grimey Stubbs (Tar, Tar, and More Tar)