Gothu Lub'rad Ngaral, or Goth Garal, used to be the leader of a gang of villains who worked for hire in and around the Outworlds, an untamed area of space frequented only by criminals and space pirates. While stealing top secret genetic codes, his brother (and fellow partner) was caught. With a "guarantee" that Ophidian would free his brother, he signed a contract and is now a prisoner of the Ophidian Empire. He serves out his sentence in the arenas and is always looking for ways to stir up trouble.

Goth Garal projects negative emotions and fear to send his followers into a furious mob frenzy.

If it's done right, an attack of the mind will effect the entire body. --Goth Garal, Master of Minions (Mindlash)

Anyone who comes close, will receive a whip to the jugular, or whatever keeps your system working!

"The experiment was successful... except he remembers everything."

Bounty: Wanted Dead or Alive: Bull’s Eye and Goth Garal for multiple crimes in the Justich system.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Psi

Goth Garal

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