The Gorgon Horde is made up of several different races of insectoid life forms, and ruled by a queen. They are one of the five regencies vying for control of known space.

Many of the individual races have three stages of evolution. The queen controls the evolution of the hive members, determining when each is ready to evolve and providing the biological mechanism to do so. When it is time, the gorgon horde insectoid returns to the hive to be cocooned in spitter jelly and the hive queen's secretions, emerging some time later in its evolved form.

The races share a common pattern for their metamorphosis. The larval form, known as a Kraggot, resembles a giant insect, usually using most of its legs for locomotion, though the first pair of limbs have hands capable of manipulating tools. The intermediary form, the Scourge Worm, is so named because most of the intermediary forms have a worm-like body, though they do retain manipulative forelimbs. The final stage is known as the Battle Mantis stage because the insectoid attains a vertical stance.

Even the kraggots are intelligent enough to use weapons. The gorgon horde combines intelligent tactics and technology with formidable natural weapons and savagery.

Subraces and Variants

Arachnid (Star Quest)
Bane Worm
Battle Maggot
Bendarian Night Crawler
Blood Vermin
Brain Borer
Drone (Star Quest)
Fire Slug
Gorgon War Master
Gorgon Warrior
Hive Creeper
Hive Horror
Hive Master
Soul Sucker
Swarm Lord

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