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A ghost is an incorporeal spirit of a dead person. Their abilities range considerably depending on the game system. Ghosts, like many undead creatures, usually linger because they desire the fulfillment of something, such as a task which they failed to finish.

In some settings (such as the World of Darkness), Ghosts. Spectres, and Wraiths are all variants of the same thing.

Noted Ghosts

AmbrosiusGhostthe FerrymanModern World of Darkness
ArionrhodGhostWinter's BrideLarisnar
Bao ChouGhostShadowfist
BragoGhostKing EternalFiora (Dominia)
Brigitte GebauerGhostModern World of Darkness
ChariggerGhostthe AxeModern World of Darkness
Dante QuicksongGhostElyria
Felix HessianGhostModern World of Darkness
Grim CreeperGhostSkylands
Je PaiGhostShadowfist
Jiang FeiGhostSeductive GhostShadowfist
KarlovGhostof the Ghost CouncilRavnica;
KirgileGhostEthereal SoldierPoxnora
Machine GhostGhostSkylands
Odo (Azeroth)Ghostthe BlindwatcherAzeroth
Spirit of KongxiangsiGhostGuardian GhostShadowfist
Tye CooperGhostModern World of Darkness
VoltairGhostCastle Age
Von KhazGhostBaronAsteras

Subtypes and Variants

Corpse CandleRavenloft
Latch SeekerInnistrad
Mirror-Mad PhantasmInnistrad
Moaning SpiritDominia
Moonlight GeistInnistrad
Strangleroot GeistInnistrad

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