Methodical is one word. Meticulous is another. I wouldn't use either to describe Louis. I'd call him an artist before I'd call him a gunner. -Gerard (Louis Sices du Sices) He pulls a dozen men through at once. That can't be safe. - Gerard Rois-et-Reines (Ambroise Praisse du Richetoisse) Stick to cannons, you Vaticine swine. The delicacies of fencing don't suit you. - Gerard Rois et Reines (Dashing Duel) We are still Montaigne. We expect the very best. - Gerard Rois-et-Reines (Posh Quarters) You saved the captain's life, Rosamonde. Think on that before you judge yourself too harshly. - Gerard Rois-et-Reines (Rosamonde du Montaigne)

For five generations, every first-born has been a musketeer. Gerard will be the last.