Gargoyles are powerful creatures that resemble monstrous stone statues. They are frequently winged, and usually physically powerful. Gargoyle varieties may actually be created and animated from stone, or simply be creatures which have a stone-like hide, depending on the setting. They are able to remain still, appearing as statues, for long periods of time.

Noted Gargoyles

Broken EarthGargoyleLarisnar

Subtypes and Variants

Abbey GargoyleDominia
Alloy GargoyleLarisnar
Amber GargoyleLarisnar
Archer GargoyleDungeons and Dragons Settings
Aridun of the StoneLarisnar
Athril GargoyleLarisnar
Basalt GargoyleDominia
Black Sand GargoyleLarisnar
Blue Jasper GargoyleLarisnar
Brass GargoyleLarisnar
Brightsteel GargoyleRoboticSolis
Coal GargoyleLarisnar
Cobalt GargoyleLarisnar
Coral GargoyleLarisnar
CragoyleOutcast Odyssey
Crystalline GargoyleLarisnar
Darklit GargoyleConstructedDominia
Darksteel GargoyleConstructedMirrodin
Diamond GargoyleLarisnar
Dragon's Eye GargoyleLarisnar
Dust GargoyleLarisnar
Feldspar GargoyleLarisnar
Flamestone GargoyleLarisnar
Fleshstone GargoyleLarisnar
Gargoyle SentinelConstructedDominia
Granite GargoyleDominia
Graven DominatorDominia
Harbor GuardianDominia
Ice GargoyleLarisnar
Icesecret GargoyleLarisnar
Infernal GargoyleShadow Era
Ivory GargoyleDominia
Jet GargoyleLarisnar
Kjeldoran GargoyleDominia
Lava GargoyleDragontooth Academy
Lava Gargoyle (Larisnar)Larisnar
Leering GargoyleDominia
Lightstone GargoyleLarisnar
Limestone GargoyleLarisnar
Lodestone GargoyleLarisnar
Lumengrid GargoyleConstructedMirrodin
Madnessfire GargoyleLarisnar
Magma GargoyleLarisnar
Magnite GargoyleLarisnar
Malachite GargoyleLarisnar
Manor GargoyleConstructedInnistrad
Nepheline GargoyleLarisnar
Nullstone GargoyleConstructedDominia
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